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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Everybody Loves PCK

If everyone is embarrassed about Ris Low, then why does everybody loves PCK?

What co-incidence, while waiting for the train today,i was hearing the PCK MTV blasting out on the plasma screen. Singing his Singlish song about courtesy on public transport, i was pondering if foreigners who visit our country will be recording this down to display to their friends back at home laughing about it. Like how we laugh about bad English used on signages in Japan or China.

Yet, to drill the courtesy message into Singaporeans, we need to use a Singaporean icon and use the Singaporean lingo. Singapore can't make up her mind. On one hand, she wants her citizens to speak Good English, on the other hand, they use PCK to front the courtesy campaign. I don't think it's entirely bad taste because a horse can't understand a rabbit, can it?

For the record, i absolutely adore watching PCK too!

And in my opinion, people with bad English shouldn't be mocked. No one was born speaking well. It's something groomed since young. If our parents who were brought up in the Malay/ Chinese influences back in the 60s can't speak good English, are you then ashamed of them?

You speak with an accent, they say you're poseur/ SPG. You speak broken, they say you're unsophisticated. You speak proper, they say you're tao. Oh well, life's complicated and it's so fun living it!

I can't deny though, the above video IS rather funny.

Live and laugh.

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