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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Chinese Takeway

Butter is the Western sin. Lard is the Asian sin. This makes a good food blog banner. Any takers?

That was just a side-track. I just love the oriental look. I have never wanted to have any other hair colour than black. I had however wanted to be tanned honey gold. Which i realised was impossible. I just turn chao-tah (black). Because i am active outdoors, although i don't get the golden brown i preferred, i am not fair either.

I love my Asian roots, yet sometimes i feel the Asian culture restricts too much. An Asian very much lives for someone else, all the time. Filial Peity = living for parents. Playing Safe = living for society. Playing it Down - living for someone whom you don't want to embarrass.

Alot of my friends feel i am a Western girl trapped in an Asian body.

I think in fact it might be a facade here. More people are Westernised than you think. Many more are sleeping around. Many more are playing. East should meet West appropriately. I'll keep an open mind yet hold the Asian values close to heart.

I've decided to have Peking Duck this birthday :P

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