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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Look Alike(s).

Zhang Ziyi('09)
Paige Chua ('09)
RuiEn   ('05)
Steph Song('08)

I've been liken but i think we just have the same face shape. Everything else is pretty much what everyone else have. Eyes, nose etc. But i DO have some friends who look like Dawne Johnson, Felicia Chin/ Zoe Tay (can't decide), Thomas Ong and another Rui En. Let me dig it out another time.

Strangers have thought i was Thai or Japanese. So much so that when i was in the MRT in 2003 (before the strict No Eating rule was enforced), an Auntie asked me if i was Singaporean. Thinking she was just going to comment i look Japanese, i proudly confirmed i was Singaporean. She then raised her eyebrow and asked, "Don't you then know there's no eating in the traints?" I think i mentioned this before, did i? >_<

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