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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Check out my BICEPS.

I used to be able to do man push-ups. Not so much anymore, i have grown weak! Maybe i can still do 1 or 2, max 5. I exercise mainly to reduce stress, stay healthy and fit and to maintain slim. Ok, who am i kidding, it's mainly the last point. Hahaha! Therfore i don't do strength training but more cardio. But i am inclined to sports being a restless girl, i love them!

Every girl is vain. So don't be lazy!

But check out my BULGE (even without strength training) in this picture!!!
I think its the shadow, or maybe not. Not too sure. Can't be bothered to go photoshop my arms smaller either (you know me with highly photoshopped photos - time is precious).
I guess i do have rather defined arms, which is not from lifting weights. I used to do Judo when i was 13. Did that for 4 years, it made my arms big and then when i stopped, it turned flabby.
I still have the bye-bye bat wings now (as Ivan always teases me) but i'm happy with how it looks whether i wave good-bye or not. I am not one who can diet (very poor dicipline) but whenever i can, i make healthIER (not just healthy but healthIER, won't have to compromise too much on taste!haha) choices (no sugar, less oil, salt, water instead of soft drinks). However i still eat junk food (have anyone tried Calbee's UNAGI chips and SALMON WASABI??I saw it in Cheers supermart), chocolates and all those unhealthy char kway tiao etc. Singapore is a food paradise, it's just too hard to diet.

And to support my appetitie, i exercise regularly. Not too much, because you age. But just right. Good enough to maintain slim. I do yoga twice a week and run ever other day. Weekends are rest and relax, with the odd swim or two at his place.

My heaviest was at 52Kg (18 years old)when i kept snacking during lectures and my lightest was at 44kg (13 years old, before adulthood). I am now 48kg, a sweet figure.
People who are NOT fat =BMI between 18-25. (Calculate it here, STOP saying you need to diet.

People who ARE fat, move your ass and work out coupled by a balanced diet (not by starving nor pills). There are just too many fat people who keep going on and on and on about their weight, and then starve or take pills, the easy way out (not quite as there are repercussions). I've seen some who THINK they are shaving off calories by not eating a proper lunch but eating ONE curry puff for lunch (it doesn't work that way).
Even with my disciplined exercise regime, i learnt from a gym that in order to continue eating anything i want, i need to boost my metabolic rate. Which means.....if i continue NOT watching my diet, i will eventually GROW FAT. I remembered at Tioman, he joked that all these sexy pictures will be kept for my children and then shown and lament, " that was your mum before..."

That won't happen, because i made a vow to be a MILF.

To boost that metabolic rate, i will have to build muscles = weight training. But i loathe the gym, it makes me feel like a hamster in a cage, on the wheel. I guess i'll still stay with how my routine is because i'm happy with what i am.
Live to Eat, not Eat to Live.
Celebrate Labour Day by treating yourself well!

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