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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

To SPG or not to SPG.

A while ago, we were educating a foreigner about SPGS. It's one of our "Welcome to Singapore" introductory speech.

SPG has always been a derogatory term. And according to Wikipedia, they often refers to solely an Asian woman who who usually dresses and behaves in a provocative manner, and who exclusively dates and prefers white men.

The term has its fairly innocuous roots in the late 1940s-early 1950s when Singapore was still ruled by the British. As a general practice, the British forces personnel socialised very much among themselves, according to their military ranks and status (i.e officers and enlisted men). However, there were some instances when specific local guests were invited to social functions hosted by the British. The term 'Sarong Party' came into use to describe social functions which included local invited guests.

The stereotypical Sarong Party Girl has extremely tanned skin, a false foreign accent, and is provocatively dressed. Originally, the outfit of choice was thought to be a bikini/tank-top paired with a sarong, but that has changed. Many of them frequent nightclubs or other nightspots that are popular with expatriate white men, in order to meet and form relationships with them. Sarong Party Girls are known to prowl specific nightspots in Singapore along Orchard Towers, Boat Quay, Clarke Quay, Emerald Hill and City Hall; the classic location being the now-defunct Carnegies at Far East Square.
Sarong Party Girls in local entertainment are usually portrayed as
gold-digging, husband-snatching Asian sirens.

Now, i've never thought that the whites are of a better species. The only merit i admit to is, you get good looking Eurasian babies. That's it.

With the influx of more expats in our country, i know of a small group of Singaporean men "disliking" these whites. "Snatching" their rice bowls as well as their women.

And truth be told, i think it IS true. But that does not mean that we Singaporean women prefer the whites! It's just a probability and ratio thing. Do the maths.

I'm surprised to know there're 2 ladies in my office who are with whites. They SO DO NOT look or behave in ANY WAY like what Wikipedia described. Dress and behave provacatively.

I, however DO dress sexy (not provacative. but sexy). Don't every young girl do? Actually, no one has EVER called me an SPG (although my ex CHINESE bf always feels i am one. It's ironic). Even if someone do associate me as one, i am flattered. Because they are usually hot. Sirens! But when my ex bf calls me that, i am hurt. Him, of all people, shouldn't be judging me. Wouldn't 3 years with him taught him better?

I am tanned by birth (mum drank fresh milk with my elder brother, but gave up with her second child. Me. Drank coffee!!).

I speak proper English (with no accent), AND singlish AND mandarin ( I am so proud to be Chinese).

I do not go to clubs. Even if these supposedly SPGS hang out at places with more Whites than Chinese, again, do the maths. There ARE more expats coming into Singapore now.

I do not need a man's money because i am capable and able myself. Girls need to be independant and respected. Don't owe anyone or be obliged just because you received gifts. You know at the end of the day, there's only yourself to rely on. Not on man's money, not on daddy's money.

Actually, i'm not even sure why i'm ranting about this. I just think this topic is so amusing. Especially when while 'educating' the foreigner, he kept asking "HOW DO YOU TELL AN SPG?" He has NEVER heard of this before, coming from a far away country and Singapore is his FIRST Asian country. We kept telling him, " WE JUST KNOW." Then again, just being with a white, does that automatically name you an SPG?

I've always thought that you need to be educated and sophisticated to be an SPG. Because you need to be eloquent in order to communicate with a White. Again, of course there are eloquent Chinese, but conversational topics are different between an Asian and a White. But usually the eloquent Asians are very Westernised, no? Then comes the culture/ upbringing to differentiate them. So i think there's another subclass of an SPG. The truely sophiticated ones who are able to hold their own and the ones who really are with an expat for a 'thought' better life. Chinese can too. Just that priorities are different.

Chinese men have their merits. I like their traditional and sole provider thinking. I don't think race sets people apart, it's more of the character that brings you together. Seriously, although sometimes i make comments, i really don't care if that Thai, Philipino, Vietnamnese or Chinese is with a white. There's always someone for everyone. Will judging them make you any happier? Usually, people are just jealous, therefore they judge.

Why are the women always at the butt of the debate? I bet Chinese men dreams of a white girlfriend too. Just that there is not so much of a supply of white girls here and they usually come attached to someone else already. But again i say, it's not about race. Just that naturally, people tend to form impressions and stereotypes about races. Its more about personalities, not races. The only thing that will probably clash is cultural differences and upbringing.

And so, after educating the foreigner about the SPG.

He excitedly says "Take me to the SPGS!"

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ricky rubio said...

maybe you are just a slut and deserved to be slut shame

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