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Saturday, May 2, 2009

My May Day

Woke up bright and early to get into Johor fot this... the race track. My friend looks like she has no foot. That is SERIOUSLY eerie!
Surprisingly, the jam wasn't as bad as what we would have expected. But it sure was stressful organizing the convoy of 4 cars.It really is fun doing a day trip across the borders. Good and CHEAP food, shopping and just hanging out in a different country. I think even with the traffic and the dirty toilets, it is all still rather bearable and worth it.
She pretends blowing a whistle.
I floored the go-kart and made the boys' eyes open wide. They were all thinking, " Is this girl CRAZY?" I got dizzy after 5 rounds. Heat + the curvy track.
Typical Singaporean + Girls? Knowing the helmets will be stinky, we brought precautions. The smartest of them all is the one with the shower cap. Ok, it wasn't me who was THIS smart. My neighbour who is an experienced racer loaned me his personal helmet and passed me the shower cap.
I don't see why i bothered smiling.
Total Expenditure: SGD $30
Total Cost of fun: Priceless.

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