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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Puma, Mamma.

What good timing! Just when my old shoes ripped from running everyday, lands a brand new Puma Light! Weighs probably only 200g. I picked it from that machine behind last Friday at Puma's launch party. It's almost IMPOSSIBLE to catch.

So HAPPY and LUCKY! Thanks L, for inviting me AND guiding me to the winning shoe. Heh.
The sprouting of my wisdom tooth gave me a bruised eye lately. Its as if my eye's been punched, but visibly you can't see anything wrong with it. So i had it extracted yesterday. I have been through so many procedures lately i can comfortably say i am no longer afraid of anything surgical. Hah! But i hate taking so many pills and xrays. Makes me feel i'm harming my body more than curing it.

Surprisingly, the wisdom tooth surgery did not scare/ hurt as much as i feared it would be. When the drilling came, it did however feel like my head is being drilled! (from the vibration).

The after-math? A better eye and a swollen mouth. I was telling him i feel so much more like a lady now. Because i cannot laugh out loud and big (which is what i normally am). Haha!

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