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Monday, April 27, 2009


Saturday morning, we head up to Seletar in search for the abandoned barracks. Initially i thought it will be alot more eerie but thankfully not. There's alot of sunlight streaming in and we saw a bunch of students filming for their location video production module. They didn't have to tell us they were doing Star Wars as we can CLEARLY see.

Boy they were good with their make-up and costumes. They even had the jedi swords, complete with the "Ziing Ziiiiing" sound. We saw condoms (not surprising. Although who the hell wanna screw at such a eerie DIRTY place), beehives and DIAPERS! Eer...seriously, who hangs out here? I was tempted to flip this diaper over.
I bet it is eerie at night.
that IS my friend you see. Not some 'ghost'. And with this backdrop...we created
these pictures....
Can't wait to see the rest. If he don't make it as a photographer, he can be a fashion designer.


the little boy said...

hi dear...
the pictures're fabulicious... minus the used condoms and baby diapers lying all around... totally love the one in red...;)!!! and yes... got to give u credit for being such a sweet girlfriend to surprise the boy with three cupcakes... bet he was at a point where he couldn't decide whether to love or hate u when it came to the yellow sequinned bow... though got to say... love your sense of humour... -hug-

Spiff said...


I'm one of the 'Zing ziing' Star Wars people you ran into!

Those are awesome shots! Can't wait to see the others!


Chrispy Tine said...

Omg! Hahahaaa..WOAH,technology is you to locate me here. How?!

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