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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Pet Names

I was in the train this morning, and i overlooked this lady's shoulder while she was typing an SMS (call me voyeur, i was bored). Here she was wearing a power suit, looking late twenties. Her SMS wrote, " Good morning my sweet bunny (Cringe no.1. I thought maybe she's writing to her female friend!). Rub..Rub...Rub (Major Cringe no.1.1 Rub eeer..what?) I love you."

I wanted to give the benefit of the doubt, maybe she IS writing to her female friend or daughter. Much as i try not to believe, she sent it to a male.

I know there're many people who give pet names to their lovers. Does that change when they get married? Or after marriage it becomes, "Mummy, Daddy" and perhaps even "Oey!" I can NEVER EVER call my boyfriend "Baby, Darling, Honey, Whatever". It just feels SO WEIRD on my lips! In fact, sometimes, its even weird just calling them by their names! I don't know why!!

It usually takes awhile before i get comfortable calling them by their names, lest a pet name. If i need to get his attention, i will usually just walk all the way to him and tap on his shoulder (especially so when my last boyfriend had the same name as me). He was walking the wrong direction, i ran after him instead of calling his name. Took me 30 seconds (20 feet away now) before i decided to just shout THE NAME.

I think i am the last person standing to not call anyone any pet name. Even my two brothers, who i so-do-not-think also call their gfs hair-raising pet names. I DO ADMIT however, i like terms of endearment being used on me. Does it feel the same on a guy? I know that IF he has always been calling me a certain term of endearment, and suddenly he doesn't, it makes me feel as if he's angry with me (although he's not) or if he don't love me as much anymore.
How soon do you start calling your lover "Baby, Darling"? And do you really feel she's your darling, your baby when you use that term on her? That's my question. Because i often wonder if people call for the SAKE of calling.

Pet names shouldn't be an obligation.

I still am adament to using pet names (i cannot anyway. Tongue-tied). Because I'd rather my actions speak louder than words.

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