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Monday, February 2, 2009

Sparkler Boys.

Somehow didn't cam whore much this new year. Just didn't feel like it even on reunion dinner night and many other various days. I didn't even wear new clothes, even though i had many. But its his first Chinese new year and he's such a cutie embracing his other half culture. The funniest conversation i had with him was on FB:

He: The lion was here
Me: What lion? The awards?
He: No, the lion.
Me: Huh? What? The animal that roars?
He: the lion, the lion, the LION!!!
Me: What, what, what? There something happening today i need to know? I don't remember.
He: The LION!!! LION! LION!!

Then i found out, its the lion that's doing the DANCE at his office right now. He's so stoked about the lion spewing salad (as he calls it. Its actually just lettuce) and arranging the oranges. He wants to join the troupe now.

P.S the picture above is mosaic because it is a VERY IMPORTANT SINGAPOREAN's house. I better be safe, don't wanna get into trouble for blogging. But i thought the Plum Blossoms looked nice (ok, actually me.)

I love the sparkler boys!

Took us to the very lovely restaurant that DC brought me. I love DC too! He's the BEST MALE friend ever. No motives, totally gentleman and generous to a friend, moi whom he've seen the best and worst side. Ok, just in case the other best male friend WB gets jealous, he is also my favourite. I have alot of good male friends. I want girlfriends!! But they always have their own agenda, too busy for me coz i'm not a potential mate. Bleh. That's my own deduction. Ha.
Sweet potato that costs $12. There's also the ONE fresh tomato that costs $12. Everything is flown in from Japan daily, thus the exorbitant pricing.
We didn't quite feel the heat while they peng kang our yakitoris.
This is where i'm going to start work next.Reminds me of Perth, kinda. Ok, not quite if you expand this picture further.
New babe in sight. Heh.

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