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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My friend went on a hiatus from photography. He recently came back, and i must say he's out of practice. Compared to the last 2 impromptu sessions we had, this session had less nice shots out of the dozens experimental shots.

This boy always has a camera with him without fail that whenever we meet for coffee, we end up taking pictures. Oh well, he loves photographing, i love being photographed.I wasn't quite in the mood though, actually. No make-up, dressed in slack tee and jeans. He had this great idea to have me put on BRIGHT RED lipstick. For effect. So he bought a cheapo $3 lipstick from a chapalang shop.

I think it'll be nicer if i could make the entire photo in BW, then only the lips in colour. But i'm too lazy and i'm not good at photoshop.
Struck some obligatory poses. Feeling quite sian already.
This is the first shot. Totally sullen. I wasn't even posing.

The blue glasses are from my younger brother's gf. I think it looks better on me. hahhaa..

Can someone calculate how much i've spent on bikinis and tell me?

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