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Friday, February 6, 2009

Going to the RA cinema..

Rumour has been going on forever that Yangtze, the remaining cinema that plays soft porn for old men who don't know the Internet, was going to be demolished. I wanted to see it before it disappears. I guess we were disappointed. We didn't see the umbrella totting dirty old men. We didn't see the dirty stained seats. We didn't see much bre****, di*** or pu***. What we did see were, some hand action from the man right in front, and a half naked man suddenly walking into the cinema halfway.

The lobby was so ancient! Some of the younger boys have never ever seen such a cinema before. R asked if we're going to be sitting on wooden benches.

The auntie at the ticket stall actually checked for our IDS!!
6 of us standing in front, deciding which to pick. There's Black Waters (English), Maharot (Philipino), Raped by an Angel (Hong Kong), Lotto Love (Japanese), and Costume Play (Japanese). I think Costume Play sounds the most exciting and erotic, but pity the last show was at 7pm. I once saw a title 'Womb Raider'!!!

So we had to watch Lotto Love. Which is about a husband who is so addicted to gambling that one day his wife decides to starve him off sex so he buys lottery from her instead. In exchange for sexual go imagine.

I think T kept the tickets as souvenir. It's so old-school! I still remember those old cinema tickets where the seller write your seat number in red crayon!
Everyone's heart stopped for awhile, hoping this uncle won't ask for ID again. I think the boys were feeling kinda sheepish too.
They were damn excited going up the escalator! Like foreplay, unsure of what awaits.

Would have cam-whored much. But i didn't want to look suspicious! Was so afraid someone will come expose us/throw us out of the cinema when we talked and laughed so loud in the cinema. Disturbing the real movie-goers with their hand action.

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