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Friday, February 14, 2014

Sex Trek: Into the Darkness

Innovative adult toys have always tickled me silly. I wrote a post in 2010, and thought it was time to get updated on the latest trends.

If a phone could evolve so much in design and functionality...
 If uses of 8 gadgets can combine into one....
What would the sex toys of the future look like?

The vibes of the future don't raise my eyebrow any more. Water-proof, different vibration modes, wireless/ controlled by a partner...they're as normal as you would expect fries with your burger.
What made me giggle were the ones seen at the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas early this year (originally seen on Huffingtonpost).
The Japanese are acclaimed for their realistic love dolls. American brand Real Dolls tops the cake by allowing you to render anyone you like into one of them. Are you narcissistic enough? How about taking self-love to a whole new level?

Since it is the year of the Horse, how about trying out porn star Tasha Reign's line of products? I also learned a new term, Bronies. Grown men who enjoy "My Little Pony" products. No prizes for guessing what that thing in Tasha's hand does.

And if this year, its about getting fit, you can try these exercise balls. Not sure if it comes with a USB on how-to-use too.
If you want to find out more about futuristic toys, find HuffingtonPost here. If an average Singaporean downloads 30 apps or more in their phone, you might want to check out the 10 apps that could spice up your sex life. Otherwise, if you are the geeky sort, you might want to check out tech-tastic vibes of the future here.

Seen fr

There is a website called Lick This that promises to let users hone their cunnilingus skills by licking their smartphones. 

The app requires no download; you just go to on your mobile browser and start tonguing away at your phone screen. Precautionary measures suggests that you "wrap it up" by putting some plastic wrap over the screen. This is presumably because your cell phone is dirtier than a toilet seat.

Some of the mini exercises include

  • "Up n' Down," which challenges users to flick a light switch up and down as quickly as possible.
  • "Circles," which has users move the handle of a mechanical pencil sharpener around as quickly as possible.
  • "Freestyle," which asks users to use their tongue as an implement to jab at a beach ball bouncing seemingly at random around the screen.
Kissing the back of your hand as practice has gone tech!


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