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Monday, February 23, 2009

Oktober Fest

98.9% of the people were dressed up. Everyone was a good sport, a few were into character even. I even saw some Arab women all covered up (Ang Moh underneath) grooving to the music. Although with their attire, they only can bob.
Back in Germany, they have this carnival annually where everyone gets pissed drunk,dressed up and makes out with strangers.
Cheery traditional songs are played in their mother tongue, everyone sings along and do the choo-choo train.
I told her i found my Minnie Mouse at a sex shop, did she too?
I thought i was Alice in Wonderland. He did say before leaving my house that if i was Alice, i should be bringing my rabbit along.
But everyone there rightfully informed me i was wearing the traditional costume of South Germany, worn by the Bavarians.
The girls wear it during their Oktober fest. I found mine in one of those role playing stores and thus the skirt was very short. But i googled and the ones that the girls wear in reality are very sexy too. Oh well, all kinds of fetishes. Just like Minnie Mouse.
I've been mingling between two communities now. One local, the other foreign. There're differences that you can't deny. Wait, this observation is made on impressions people make on me the very first time we meet. Not on people whom you're ALREADY friends with.
The locals whom i met the first time were mostly mundane and somewhat boring. (disclaimer: although they can get exciting AFTER the first meeting)
this is because as Asians, we are generally more reserved. You do not talk taboo on the first meeting. And so what do you talk about when you just meet a person?
" What do you do?" "OIC, tell me more about your job." "What was your previous job?" "Oh yes, economy now very bad.."
Damn BORING can!! Then the whole night i must repeat the same thing over and over again to different first-time people i meet. Maybe some will develop into something more exciting, then those are the ones i keep in contact with. But in general, i wish from the start of that polite dinner/drinks session, i could announce to EVERYONE my job, what i do and my previous job.
Saves me saliva. Or maybe its just me. Maybe i'm unconventional. I asked him when i first met him,
" Excuse me do you shape your eyebrows?Its nicer than mine."
" And are you gay?"
I spoke my mind, it wasn't a pick-up line (rhymes eh?).
BUT then, the local first-times are also the only ones whom you can use your local slang/jokes and be understood. You talk about issues and beliefs that only Asians will agree. With Westerners, you just get into a debate. Sometimes heated, because they cannot accept your Asian thinking even though they are in MY society.

Meeting a Westerner for the first time, can start very interesting conversations. They do not hold anything back, and so within ten minutes, you can know their deep dark secrets and you'll think you're the new best friend!
Like sex parties, drugs etc.
Sometimes i'm glad Singapore has its strict laws on such, but then you also wouldn't know what goes underground. Which then, makes it even harder to control. When people are oppressed, they do anything. Look at Japan..

And so because i was typically Asian, i asked one of the boys at the party "what's your occupation here in Singapore?" Nothing more original to start a conversation. I'm so boring.

"I'm a gay club stripper," was his reply.
And i told him i work with prisoners. He continued pulling my leg by saying he can earn 10-15 grand a night, and the location is secret etc. But i could tell he's even more intrigued with my occupation because i wasn't lying. Technically. Actually i knew he was kidding me, but somehow i wasn't sure if it was real or not. You never know, you know.

And so i realised how come Westerners can come up with some original conversation opening liners but Asians cannot? Is it because Westerners are more frivalous and players? And Asians are more sincere and respectful? I suppose there's no good nor bad, whatever suits your taste.

Attraction is not bound by age, race nor culture.
P.S whatever that i just said has no relevance or link to the photos. Am not claiming that whatever i heard, whoever said what are from those humans in photos.

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