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Friday, February 13, 2009

Tokyo Drift

I'm stoked about Japan. I can't wait for this June and i'm grateful my girlfriend is game.
This is what i'm going to be doing:
1) buy Soft on Demand (Japan sells USBs in 4GB and more, complete with porn movies inside with lusty pictures on the casing. $25 for a 4GB USB is cheap right? Provided the USB is USEABLE. and not just porn inside.
2) check into a love hotel.
3) hunt down shops that sells weird shit like "School girl's saliva on sale"
4) buy a second-hand magazine from homeless boys who collect unwanted magazines from bus and train stations to set up their make-shift newspaper stand.
5) eat naked sushi
6) and other boring things like eating sashimi, seeing beautiful scener, shopping fashionably, and visiting Disneyland.

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