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Sunday, February 3, 2013

My office space with 3M


Contrary to popular belief, I am not a full-time blogger but an office lady. The office is my second home, I actually spend more time in the office than in my living room. 
Here’s my cubicle, i keep it messy to look busy and i keep it vibrant, marking my territory and making me happy.

When i post it on Facebook, a friend commented how i have a "supermarket" on the left corner. That really tickled me, i didn't realise that's how it looked with cup noodles, fruits, biscuits and all. Oh, you can even spot 2 1.5L Fanta bottles underneath my table! Lol.

He hasn't seen the shoe shop i have opened underneath my desk. I have ran out of space at home, heh heh.

I remember as a teenager, my favourite past time after school was to pay a visit to the bookshop. I would try out all the pens on the paper given, or if there is none, we would “vandalize” before deciding on a purchase.  

On some days, I would give myself a treat by buying a coloured pen that is absolutely frivolous because we will not be able to use it for exams nor worksheets. We can only convince ourselves its necessary because we write study notes and we need to write the subject header in a different colour.
Pretty things make us happy. The men won’t get it.
I haven’t done that for a super long time but I don’t miss EXAMS. Instead of buying pens (we type now) as an office lady, there's still other types of stationary to make me happy.

The corporate world is often dreary with drones dressed in black and white. I can’t give every colleagues a fashion make-over but I can spark creativity at the work place with yellow and pink post-its! Yellow actually increases energy flow and inspires creativity, red stimulates and invites adrenaline rush. They seem pretty satisfied with their brainstorming session. She has a smirk on her face.
I like spicing up the office life, this is what i'm like at work. 
I wear a watch that reminds me stay calm and not make rash decisions.
I trick my colleagues with magnets looking like biscuits (they did pop it into their mouths/ took a bite).
I found another use for given home-made biscuits because they taste bad.
To keep myself awake in meetings when it isn't me talking, i doodle on my fingers, take a picture and add a caption with Overgram.
Or i use this very nifty pen by 3M that has sticky tabs you can pull out to make reminders.
I hate it when notes are not sticky so i use the super sticky Post-its from 3M.

I like dressing up my desk with quirky ornaments like a soap dish shaped like a bath tub which i use for  everything else but soap, or a Monopoly radio which i hardly turn on.
I also have a Post-It dispenser like a handbag! It's refillable too.
I love it when people leave secret notes.
This is my laptop and it sports a "messy creative look". I just found out that Post-its no longer come merely as a pad like the previous picture. It comes in various ways like this one that comes in a holder which you can stick and bring along.

I stick it on my lap top because at work, we carry them into meeting rooms or for travel. Having paper easily accessible, i can always give it to that cutie I may encounter at work and say "Call me some time?"

He did and i found out he's as much as a Post-it crazy as me.
Our desks side by side.

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Regus said...

You did find those post-its pretty useful. That post-it dispenser sure looks nice on your table. Thanks a lot for showing to readers your colourful desk.

Xtine said...


Shaun said...

Loved your muscle anatomy leggings! It takes a confident person with a wacky sense of humor to wear them in public.

Xtine said...

thank you for not judging ;P

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