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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Valentine's Choice: Nando's gets chi chi

Almost every man say Valentine's overrated; flowers and meals are overpriced. While i agree and don't expect to celebrate Valentine's, i feel special dates like Christmas, birthdays and anniversaries make us pause amidst our hectic schedules and appreciate loved ones. Human's nature and being caught up in the rat race tend to make us neglect that bit.

However, going out for a nice meal don't mean spending a bomb! I absolutely love Nando's and i'm super pleased to receive their media kit announcing their all-new butterfly chicken breast meal!
Media Kit:
Hard cover black menu, silverware, napkin and a cookie with their meal printed!
Have you been to places where you pay top dollar only to have the food forgettable? For a much better deal, Nando's brings the bells and whistles of a fancy restaurant but only at a fraction of posh prices! Anything with foam on your plate is never worth paying for.

You can still have your hoity toity four-course menu by starting with wild mushroom soup as an entrée, the butterfly steak (chicken) as a main, sweet potato mash as a side then ending it off with dessert. There can even be a designer drink to sip with your little pinkie sticking out.

Make a date at Nando's. You can make reservations and for the whole month of February, the Butterfly Chicken Breast Meal Valentine's Day Set ($42) comes with 2 double-breasted butterfly-cut chicken steak (with 2 sides), 2 designer drinks and 2 single scoops of Ben & Jerry ice-cream.
I've already made my reservation at Nando's this Valentine's. Who says a girl can't make the first move? All set for a "chi-chi" gastronomic experience!
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