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Sunday, February 17, 2013

I am Singaporean, Hear me Roar.

Sometimes, i wonder if Singaporeans expect the government to be superheroes. Back then, we want them to reduce the number of cars on the road but now we complain about rising COE(s) and ERP(s). Surely, i miss the days where i own a Honda Integra in Australia but i know here in Singapore due to our size, we can't have our car cake and drive eat it too.

But i admit, the overpopulation is getting to me. Especially when i spend 14 hours of my week on the MRT.
How we need to start contorting to fit
Hopefully, my yoga practice gives me a head-start when the day we need to fit into the MRT like tetris.
Singapore has her flaws but i like the racial harmony we have. How we stand up for each other.
It is not true that we are "ugly Singaporeans", caring for ourselves. We have brave souls who puts his social media status above his safety. It is for the greater good, it is citizen journalism.   
Singapore, a young nation, some times have no identity overseas. The Westerners ask if we're Japanese or Korean. 

Singaporean is who we are, we have national campaigns moulding us. 
Before we got addicted to iPhones and iPads, we read
and we play.
Today, you can't believe photos online.

Singapore is seemingly perfect, still she has her flaws.
But i love Singapore, and i'm proud to be Singaporean.


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