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Thursday, February 14, 2013

There’s Something about Elyse

My life purpose is to touch lives. While i hope i have been impacting the lives around me, i have 1 friend who distinctively shaped my life in my growing up years. Unfortunately, i don't see him around any more, we've gone our separate ways and drifted apart since 7 years ago.

G was 10 years older at that time and i knew him when i was feeling very unloved in my traditional family. I brood a lot and G showed relentless concern, without hidden agendas. He bought me chocolates (After Eight) because it releases endorphins, wrote me encouraging notes and mixed tapes with love songs for me. It is the experience of unconditional love that made me grow into the positive and hopeful girl i am today. Without G, i may have spiraled further in self pity, get depressed and possibly suicidal.

Later on when i graduated and got my first job, he convinced me to buy insurance. It was a wise thing to do, i was ahead of all my peers to have started my insurance plan at 19. This set me up for life because the annual premium is very low because i started young. He was also the one who advised me to take a hefty sum with me and deposit into a fixed term plan in Australia. When i left Australia, i made AUD 3000 in interest.

He probably doesn't know the impact he had on my life, but in some way, I owe my financial stability and maturity to him.

But life is like a stage right? Everything has its entrances and exits, every human relationship i encountered makes me experience life. This led me to knowing Elyse.
I met her 3 years ago and I took to her as if we’ve known each other for long. There’s something about Elyse that gave me a verbal diarrhea the moment I met her. I poured out my soul and feelings,something you normally wouldn’t with a person you just met. We talked about self-love then and how I was lacking it.

3 years later, we meet again and I realized I haven’t improved much in the self-love department! I thought it was easy to work on myself without help; my pride and ego stopped me from getting proper consult.

Elyse’s growing up years and experience with men is more colourful than most, all these have led her to today (you'll have to meet her to know her story). She speaks on FM 93.8 and writes in CLEO on helping women in attracting their true love in 90 days.

I’ve only had 2 ex-boyfriends over the course of 6 years. Since the last break-up, i've been going out, getting to know all sorts of men available. When I met Elyse again 3 years after, I thought "ok, maybe I should try this out. I'm not attached, still."

Elyse is not a friend, so she critiques me harshly and leaves me no saving grace. I then see why "life coaches" are engaged. Friends always listen and comfort you when you fail, it is the easy way out confiding in friends.

Elyse doesn't do what a friend do.

I tried her love consultation session which she gives out complimentary every month. In our session, she got me to create a list of the kind of man i want and the kind of relationship i want. I have never made a list because i was afraid making a list would mean finding Mr Perfect and we all know Mr Perfect don't exist.
Wistful thinking
Elyse chided me for selling myself short. I resisted her at first but finally made a list. She then uncovered the hidden challenge that may be sabotaging my success with men and dating; my non-commital to self.

I refused to accept her analysis at first, i was enraged at this stranger with such audacity to tell me what's wrong with me!

However, a month later, I was messaging Elyse, conceding defeat. She accurately uncovered the hidden challenge. I was dating someone when I had the love consultation and Elyse already pointed out the numerous uncertainties i was feeling but i chose to ignore it. This was the non-commital to self that she saw. I remember messaging Elyse, "You were right. It didn't last. Teach me how to attract the right love!" 

Subsequent days, she played with me mini games that trains me to listen to my inner voice.

It then dawned upon me, in all my relationships, I had ignored my intuition. I chose to ignore that inner voice that told me "this guy is not faithful", "this guy will not change", "this guy doesn't accept you for who you are".

It was hard coming to terms about the issues i had, but it was so energizing to learn about myself! Elyse renewed and inspired me to find the love of my life, the easy way.

If you are interested about Elyse and how she helps women who
- have trouble letting go of past relationships and cannot move forward in life
- tried all means and ways but can't attract available men or men who disappear after the first few dates
- wonders if there's something wrong with them
- not attracting the "right" kind of men
- or always end up hurt despite compromising a lot

Sign up for her free love attraction tool kit here, she is also on Facebook.
She gives out 5 complimentary love consults per month (the one i had), if you are interested, you can ask about it more at her website.


Anonymous said...

Happy valentine's day Christine!:) Did you spend your vday with a lovely date and have you found the 'right' man already with Elyse's help? I'm keen to try her services! xx

Elyse-Anne said...

Happy to speak with you... Send me an email ok... :))

Anonymous said...

babe so are you dating anyone now? Can i date you? :)

Anonymous said...

I spent vday writing this post! Have been a bad student, still working on my commitment to self before attracting the right love!

Anonymous said...

Why do u sound female? Send me a pic :)

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