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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Cats that Look like Pin-Up Girls

Came across this blog that kinda scours the best of the web and i am re-posting this that caught my eye.
It sparked a thought to Google "Why are women's v-jay called a pussy."

Google didn't disappoint with 9,230,000 answers.

In the 19th century the term "pussy" came to refer to anything soft and furry ("pussy willow" and "pussycat", for example.) Since women's vulvas are typically soft and furry, the term (as with many thighs) spread rapidly. Later someone noticed the hairy patch resembled a beaver's tail (and thus the term "beaver" came about to describe the same thing.) 

Today, getting a brazilian wax is common. I wonder if pussy will be fazed out and be called the Sphynx. Perhaps in the next generation.
The sphynx cat is furless.
Back to pin-up girls and cats.


Angry feminist said...

So why are v-j called pussies while aggressive career women are called bitches even tho they have c & c?

Xtine said...

its a difficult question.

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