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Monday, January 28, 2013


I can be quite a geek, but i think it's only because of my occupation. Getting a sneak peak of what technology is to come makes it excited about the future. It’s quite like a strip tease.
The year has finally kicked in and in the last year, these technologies have been promised to be commercially available. Girls get men to buy them fancy branded items, I’m saving up for a 3D printer so I can print every material want!

A Chanel? A hunk?  Or maybe I can rob a bank with a home-made 3D printed gun and then escape jail with a home-made 3D printed handcuffs key.

While 3D printing technology brings criminal possibilities, it can also potentially solve food shortage by printing edible meat.

To buy from Cubify, it’s about SGD 2000 (yes, I was actually serious in buying) but I reckon 3D printers will either get more expensive or more affordable due to the demand. I make purchases like a girl, over-analyzing. However, the home 3D printers available can only prints useless solids which I CAN USE as paperweights but my mum already threatened to throw me out for my never-ending new shoes; I doubt we have space in our HDB for a 3D printer L

Then, there is Google glasses that remind me of Minority Report.

Thankfully, I haven’t gone for Lasik. I hate to be a poseur, wearing glasses with no degree. The first pair is expected to cost USD 1500.

Theologians say during Armageddon, we may have microchips inserted under our skin to pay for food. But before that happens, we first have to dance for our drink.



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