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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Doll me Up

I used to think if i could walk out a facial without a red face, that therapist must be a gem! So for awhile I was walking out of my old salon with a face that didn't look like I just had a facial. Hooray?

Then i started breaking out, and my face didn't feel baby ass smooth. There were bumps underneath. Later on, i got to know about Porcelain Face Spa and i learned that the extraction I was getting wasn't deep enough.

However, deep extractions usually leave me looking like this after a facial. Horror of horrors!
But I unabashedly go out after a facial, that's because i've a secret weapon.

It's not make-up. I wouldn't want to undo all that deep cleansing Porcelain did for me, i didn't want to clog my open pores with concealer.

Porcelain Face Spa's tinted sunscreen, Doll, is my secret weapon.

Combined with lightening agents, this UV filter corrects pigmentation problems while protecting my skin against UVA/UVB rays. It is SPF 60.
With a tint, it makes my skin dewy and it's not make-up! It doesn't clog pores either. It may be pricey at $150 for 35ml but i'm still using my tube from a year ago!
You can get Doll from Porcelain Face Spa at 15 Cantonment Road.

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