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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Month in Snapshots

If i were to ever get married, i'd wear Crocs underneath that wedding dress.
 Comfort over design, i'm sold. Although their design is improving...honestly!
 Was invited to board their sailing boat, Duke.
 Crocs is water resistant, good for flash floods!
 Immortalizing youth.
 Highlight of the day, a boat capsized! If they were wearing crocs, it would have stayed afloat and not spoilt unlike the iPhones.
 Then there was the Pyjama party at Orchard Scotts.
Get your paws off me!
Clever way to mark our reusable cups.
Marge and Homer in da house! They made the costume themselves! How awesome.
I'm that cuddly soft toy you hug to sleep.
What's a PJ party without some boobies.
 From Shanghai runway to my wardrobe. Panda got my ass.

With beautiful girlfriends at Olay's finale. Now i understand what the hype is about that ring light every darn blogger is getting! 


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