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Monday, October 24, 2011

Movie Review: FootLoose

3 Things I've Learnt from FootLoose

1) You may not be the best looking guy, but with moves like that, you become a hero.
I did not find the male lead handsome with his buck teeth and narrow jawline but by the end of 90 mins, i found him kinda endearing. His dance moves must have swayed my vote.

Then again, i once had a suitor who looks like Atom Ant. I didn't fall for him. He is now a master in dance and apparently dances like his pant's on fire. Still, i didn't fall for him.
2) You are not what your appearance is.
The female lead who bears a striking resemblance to Jennifer Aniston dresses incredibly hot in the movie. Looking like a slut, people assumes she is a slut. But she isn't.

3) Put your heart to something & you'll be good.
The comedic geeky supporting character had two left feet. But he soon learnt to dance otherwise he will lose his girl! He became very good with smooth moves, and his cool quotient went back on. Refer to point 1.

Footloose isn't another dance movie. To be honest, it has alot less dance scenes as compared to Dirty Dancing and Step Up. But it is a movie with a soul and a message. Children should watch this to know a parent's pain. Parents should watch this to know a child's heart.

Fight for what you believe in, but make it a respectful protest.

I Need To Dance.
Right click, open in new window & watch the movie trailer here.

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