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Monday, January 3, 2011

Romance at Sea.

The difference of travelling via a cruise as compared to a plane is the different walks of lives you encounter. You will not get this treatment from any other mode of transport. Pretty air stewardess will always remain professional aka distant while serving your needs. Every service staff I met on board, were more than eager to know me a little better, and let me know them a little better.

I have met about 10 personalities from 10 different countries while on board The Legend of the Seas. One even let me in on the “juicy gossips” on board the cruise.
When working on a cruise ship, one can be away from home for as many as 9 months. No wonder, there is the stereotype of sailors always looking up special services once they dock. Do romances then happen on board? It does within the crew. They have a deck 'zero' where staff quarters are located. That's where they mingle and rumble (discreetly). They look forward to when they reach ports, so they can go pak toh. Most of the performers are gay, and there is a couple who met working on board (from 2 really far apart countries as home) and are getting married next year.

I found saucy romance novels in the gift shop. I wonder if more staff buy them or lonely bored female holiday-makers.

Is on board a cruise where you find romance? In the skies, there is the mile high club that usually ends in one night. You sit next to each other; you go on a “date” (dinner + movie on a plane), sleep and wake up next to each other. But on board a cruise, there’s a lot more to do. After all, conducts such trips for its members very regularly.

On board the same cruise as I am, I got to know the oldest member is 48, male and the youngest 25, female. Although it may be a singles event, some may not be entirely honest in their relationship status. All is fair in love and war; it is never innate for humans to be monogamous. When the ship docks, the usual holiday makers (like me) would hop off and do our day tours. These singles, however, are more than happy to continue staying on board because there will be plenty of “bonding” activities for them. Filled with workshops and games on the first 2 days, chemistry slowly builds up. Finally, before the holiday ends, the organisers will facilitate by fanning whatever sparks there is by throwing in a salsa dance workshop. After all, Singaporeans are usually shy right? Then, on the dance floor, you could see who is mutually attracted and the best part is, it might not all be just lust!
Taken from Singles Cruise Asia

Taken from Singles Cruise Asia. Eyes Wide Shut? Hmmm..
If you happen to be a single holiday maker who came on board (like me), you can look forward to the Captain’s Ball to mingle like a socialite. All cruises have a Captain’s Ball but Royal Caribbean does it differently by imposing a semi-strict dress code. I love dolling up for a reason, and I have a weakness for men in suits.

The chivalry displayed by the eligible bachelors when I am shivering in my little black dress just scores brownie points. However the coat I got, I felt the armpits of the coat wet.

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