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Sunday, January 9, 2011

7 Cruise Survival Tips

I had many preconceptions about going on cruise before i went on one. The fear of tight spaces was proven wrong, and the fear of boredom was not necessary. If you have to set sail, be sure to set sail with the best. Royal Caribbean offers competitive prices.

You can find on board various types of travelers. You have the families of young and old, you have golden age couples who spend their time away easy and slow. The best way to enjoy a cruise however, is to 

1) Find a Good Roomie
The sort who won't mind you taking longer than her in the bathroom. The sort who won't stink up the bathroom after she takes a dump. The sort who would share her toiletries. The sort who is not grumpy in the morning (VERY IMPORTANT). The sort who would look out for you and chope seat at the dinner table.

2) Go with a Fun Bunch of Friends

Because you're pretty much cooped up on board, it is ideal to have groups of 5 or more. The more the merrier, laughing at entertainment and sharing of food (VERY IMPORTANT).

Two soft smooth creamy mounds ;p

Char Sao Bao (pork bun) chips

Yakitori chips and i bought Lychee Pokey.

3) Exercise
Meal time is the highlight of the day for me everyday. Because you can go for second and third rounds at the buffet, the many snack stations and even the fine dining areas, i over eat at EVERY meal time. In order to keep trim and slim, you have to work it out (VERY IMPORTANT).

Running on the upper deck was breezy.

Staring out into the endless ocean, time passes faster on the stepper.

Photo from
Challenge yourself at the walls.

4) Indulge in Duty Free
Everything is paid up front before you embark. You do not need to pay any more bills on board other than your shopping, spa or Ben & Jerry. The best buy i got on board was 2 tubes of alcoholic chocolates (SGD 15), a travel set of CK Men's perfume for my brother (SGD 55) and a DKNY watch (SGD 120) which i saw later at a shop on land costing $200.

5) Be Silly
'Nuff said. Alcohol on board is NOT free.
6) Be Adventurous
Do something you've never done before, eat something you've never tried before.
7) Cam Whore
To keep memories and to prove that the exercises paid off.

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