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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Afford to be a Bagaholic


This Fashion used to be branded to me when i was 13. Then, it was Mango at 19 and at 23, it was Coach and Kate Spade. The first branded bag i bought myself was this Coach in Japan. It was $350 and i am now kicking myself in the foot because can offer so much more at a fraction.

Coach Cranberry Handbag Soho Bag #15204 - S$255
Red is my adult favourite colour. It's a colour that signifies passion and i am an affectionate Scorpio. It is also a colour whereby i know not many like to carry because it's too attention grabbing, which is all the more why i like it. Yes, my self esteem is THAT high.

Do you know that the Thais have a different colour for each day. They wear an item of that colour for that day as part of their culture. However, more people pay attention to the colour of their day of birth. This then becomes their lucky colour.

Sunday – red
Monday – cream/yellow
Tuesday – pink
Wednesday – green
Thursday – orange/brown
Friday – blue
Saturday – black/purple

It's pretty interesting. I found my birth date colour is purple. That happens to be my favourite colour as a child! It's pretty amazing how i evolved from a purple to red. Purple means to seek fulfillment and passion.  Red signifies passion and aggression which i probably have achieved as an adult woman! Just checked with a friend, his birth date colour also happens to be his childhood favourite colour! Go calculate yours here.

After calculating, you can probably go do some online shopping so you have that one item (like a wallet?) you can carry around daily for luck. Haha!
I got my second branded handbag with my own earnings last year. It was a Kate Spade made from Buffalo skin. Again, i kick myself in the foot for blowing $400, and it was supposedly ON SALE!!

candy darling rosalie wristlet - S$139
I do need a new red clutch to replace that H&M i bought in Hong Kong that didn't last too long.
Kate Spade big apple darla - S$104
And a card holder too to hold my countless discount cards because i am a cheapskate Auntie who stores saver coupons in branded holders.

Kate spade iphone 4 hard case (black/white dots) - S$89 
Loves-Coach offers:
- 100% authentic and brand new with tag, authenticity card and gift receipt/photocopy of original receipt. Direct from coach and kate spade factory in USA (not rejected goods)
- Personal delivery to stated address in Singapore for orders S$200 and above. Meet up/self collection for all other amounts. (not via registered mail) So you can inspect the item on the spot
- LovesCoach assumes all responsibility of lost items during shipment and full refund/replacement will be made
- Affordable and lower prices than Coach and Kate Spade in Singapore
- limited pieces per design and colour

Afford class, do not spend what you can't afford.

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