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Monday, April 12, 2010

How would you like your Meat?

I am sorry to have missed this out when they performed in Resort World just last month.
Naturally,you doubt the sexuality of these men when you see them looking all hot and shaking their booty.Because in our minds, men can't dance & still look hot! Or rather, in Singapore, we don't meet many good male dancers. They usually do the feet shuffle or head bob, drink in hand at St James.

But the Chippendales maintained their manly look they throughout. Even if they're not straight, I will continue being in denial. Afterall, they are meant to bring women's fantasies to life. Finally there's some gender equality!

This erotic male dancing is now performed like a broadway show that (below is quoted from CNA's interview)

"To be a Chippendale in the States is a prestigious thing, something that so many guys want to do and they don't really understand everything that it takes to do it, you need to have these special skills as well. And our families are proud of us."

So what's their advice to guys looking to join the Chippendales?

Said Chan, 35, "If they work hard and are persistent, and they get to the gym and get a little practise under their belts, it's absolutely possible they can be a Chippendale."

"But you got to be six feet tall," added Vaughn.

Guess that rules out a lot of guys in Asia.

CNA is wrong. They obviously haven't seen this......

Their fans, young old, male female ADORES the group. Their female fans will hyper ventilate too if they wriggle their leafs in front of them.

Got to admit, after 2 minutes getting over the amusement, i start to find them sexually appealing too. It's sooo eeeeeasy...happy go lucky. They are, rather manly too. They did not shave their arm-pits.

Bon appetit!

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Lingyi said...

errors in every vid. I'm just not fated to see half naked non-green dancing hulks

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