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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Debut Quirky Collection

My friends know me to be quirky, with a penchant for funny stuff. I like being different, yet stay safe with tasteful fashion. I don't like looking like anybody else, i'd rather be setting a trend.

As you'd probably have noticed, i have 2 new sections to this blog now. One is to help save the environment together by recycling clothes (prices start at $3), the other is if you'd like to own some of these great finds i've got.
I made these handphone buddies/ keychains myself. They're furry, light (<2grams)and cute. They are for sale under Special Creations. $3 each. I am coming up with other variations but i'm starting with the Sesame Street collection first. Tell me what characters you'd like to see!
The chicken bag i mentioned awhile back wasn't bought as a bag. I conceptualised it! I am taking orders now to gauge the response. It can comfortably fit a medium sized wallet, mobile phone, keys and tissue paper.$39.90 each. Hit the comment button!

1 comment:

Lingyi said...

chicken...seriously? carry it on sunday! :D

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