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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Calorie Ridden Weekend.

I was meant to be going for a wedding but we ended up walking in 3 inch heels and suits on stone, sand and chocolate.
We didn't feel like we're in Singapore. I'm proud that Singapore has come a long way with many achievements as a small nation.
Looking in longingly, I'm holding out waiting for that special someone to go in with! Magical places like this is meant to be shared with him. Besides, i totally regretted not buying that winning photo atop a 10 metres drop ride in Genting! He was petrified, i was looking at him amused. It was classic.
It is a Hershey's concept store next door. When you're in a magical place like that, people go in a shopping frenzy. I tell you, even the locals feel like they're tourists! That giant sauce bottle is a coin bank. $26.
Coin banks also come like Hershey's Kisses. Although i think they kinda look like a pile of silver shit, or Madonna's boobs. $19.
Or if you fancy strawberry bean bags. Pink nips only exist in porn, FYI. It's after prolonged usage of cream or cosmetic surgery like tattooing the colour on.
Lots and lots of memorabila to milk that brand's worth. Everything is within reasonable price range though. Flavour choices weren't like totally way out though. You'd be impressed at first, thinking it's such a big store! I'm in Willy Wonker's Chocolate Factory!! But after going 2 round, you realised the shelves are a repetition of flavours. No crazy flavours, the usual that you'll find in the supermarkets. But they do have all the fancy packaging that you won't find in NTUC.
I'd say it's not true that chocolate makes you fat. Hershey does have an hour glass figure!
They'll soon start milking this as well. I spied a sign that says "Take a photo home...starting soon!"
Yay, i'm a kiasu smart Singaporean. Snap first!
Before finally going back to what we were here for...the wedding dinner!
Held in Amara Sanctury, it was posh and romantic. The food was good, the deco was sweet. BUT.....for an inconvenient place like Sentosa to throw a wedding dinner, i was surprised to learn that the total package doesn't cost cheaper than holding it in a hotel in Orchard. You'd think the hotel will offer better to compete for business. Furthermore, it's not as if its a dinner on the beach where it's unique. It was in an enclosed ballroom. No sunsets, no sea breeze.
Nonetheless, it's still a happy occassion for one and all.

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