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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Black & White Easter

Take out the drinks and the games.
Then the moustaches for some fun.
Playboy or Easter bunny?
It's such a fine line as the bunny laces the cordial with her pheromones.

Thus, starts the high life road. Live fast, live hard.
That's how Playboy founder, Hugh Hefer does it.
But here comes the innocent bearer. To educate them the meaning of Easter.
Good Friday, is the symbolic Christain event where Christ was cruxified. He rose again 3 days later (Easter Sunday) Eggs & Bunnies is not part of the Christain culture (although some say it's associated with the greek mythology). It is a Western implemented symbolisation. Eggs is a symbol of fertility, so are bunnies (the speed they reproduce).
Not caring much, they feast on my poisoned jelly eggs.
& start doing very very bad things.
Bunnies get frisky.
Showing off bunny loot in her burrow.
And i learn to not be greedy (mouth full of food) and a cam whore at the same time. Not a bunny-sexy look. photos courtesy of Gerald Koo

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