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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

News in Brief.

A New Zealand teenager tried to sell some nude picures of his mother on an INternet auction site after the pair had an argument. Michael, 18 had "five naked photos" of his mum on Trade Me site, which were rejected. Undeterred, he posted some underwear-clad "glamour" shots, which were also rejected.
His mother Jennifer, 44, said she as "pretty annoyed" about the postings, but was also upset that the site rejected the underwear images, saying, "they are quite artistic".

Source: TODAY, 7 Jul 2009.

Reminds me of how Fann Wong said in her 8 Days interview years ago that perhaps she should take it as an insult that the street pimps didn't approch her to star in a porn flick (like how they will approach pretty young girls usually)in Tokyo. She was, however asked to pursue stardom commercially in Japan. I'm still suffering from post Japan withdrawal syndroms am i?

I wanted to be an air stewardess, so i could travel. But my dad advised against it. He told me, "Focus on a career that gives advancement, then you will have the money to travel the world and enjoy. Not needing to clean toilets, wipe vomit and serve coffee."

He was right. With careful planning, calculation and savings..i am going on more holidays than i imagined with my own capabilities . Then again, my stewardess friends enlightened me that they no longer clean toilets (they merely lock it up if it is dirty during a flight) and they sprinkle coffee powder and cover the vomit with cloth. What happened to standards? They then add that however, it is of every stewardess' service exellence and initiativeness to get that toilet/vomit cleaned up. It is not required of them but if they're dedicated, they'll do it. In a month, flight crew probably reside in Singapore for 8 days.

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