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Monday, July 13, 2009

Dirt Biking.

I prayed for the rain to stop, it didn't but it stayed away from the straits of Malaysia.
We took a bum boat from the Ubin jetty and "slept" an hour before we reach sunny Tristan Park. The instructor looks like he's pinching moi.
The first "crash" of the day. We did a crash course on riding a motorbike.
Gawd, it was tough. I don't have a manual car license, and riding a bike you have the clutch, the throttle and alot of hand-eye coordination! It doesn't help when the bike vibrates so much beneath. It really disrupts concentration.My "war wound" as the boys call it. I looked back and shouted to my friend "how do you go up this curb?!" And as i shouted, my hand turned the throttle full speed...ZOOM..i went across the curb and made my bike flip.

It doesn't look bad here, but that's because i haven't took off my pants! Its one nasty bruise and bloodied flesh.
Undeterred, i went on this track.
My 2 guardian angels. My 2 friends who are regular bikers are really patient in staying behind me, biting my dust (as i attempted to speed).
That's the regular dirt bike..mine's the mini pit bike!
I rode it like a bicycle, i couldn't resist sticking my leg out and WALK down the slope. I don't want to be disfigured. At one point, the slope was so steep that even with my leg down,the bike was spinning out of control (the engine was still running you see)...i got down,turned off the engine and pushed it down the slope.
See the nice hill behind. Doesn't feel like you're in some ulu town. We were in a oil palm plantation actually.
As i wiped my face with wet wipes, for a moment i tried recalling if i applied make-up that day. That was actually, THE DUST!It's one great workout. We're all striped like tigers now. The result of areas covered with protective gear and areas not.

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