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Monday, July 27, 2009

Bandaged with a Bacon & Egg

I was kinda "happy" i had a major "abrasion" that commands the unwrapping of this "special" plasters bought from Melbourne 2 years ago! I think even plasters have a validity date, but i don't care. I love collecting cute plasters. I always shell out double the price to buy the cartoon ones in Watsons but then i can't bear to use them. But when i do, and they're due to peel off, i will "keep" them by sticking them in my toilet. I'm glad my family never thought they were gross and left them stuck there (or maybe no one dares to peel it off, thinking its so disgusting that i don't want to touch it.)

It says free toy inside! That free toy is the ultra minature rubber pig.
Its a real nasty bruise from the pit bike incident.
I now have a 4 inch scar, but oh well, i survived.

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