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Friday, July 10, 2009


First, I wanted a man to propose to me with a puppy.

Then, I wanted a man to propose to me with fireworks.

Now, i want a man to propose to me with a WALK-IN WARDOBE.
I vow to be a MILF in future. Hahaha....

My DYING curls......last stage already. Boo Hoo hoo...
I LOVE going to weddings. Just sit and eat only. Better if it's your dad who gives the ang pao (then i don't have to give. Tee hee hee.) And i love chinese wedding dinners. 10 course with shark's fins and all that good food. I still think wedding dinners are a "show-off" for the parents. It is, kind of, don't you agree? 5-star hotels, numerous tables, relatives galore, mother & mother-in-law decked out in their finest jewerlery.
My wedding will be a huge affair, where friends come to celebrate and i to give them a good time. No, i'm not going to entertain them on stage. But i hope to have a carnival! So all around, there'll be things to entertain young and old. Not just sit at the table and eat and maybe watch some band play or some slide show. But then i wouldn't mind a simple wedding without any fan fare. Just you and me, with close family and friends. In fact, i was doubting if i have enough CLOSE friends even to throw a huge dinner at some high class hotel.

Save the wedding dinner, build the house! However, I like my roots and I would like me to be in the traditional Chinese costume serving tea to my parents and my "sisters" to "tortue" the groom and herd.
Cliche as it sounds, every girl wants a fairytale wedding. The door gifts are getting better and better too. No more fruit cake. Yay! This was a cute shot glass and pack of poker cards (with lovely dovey designs on it) My brother said i was a butterfly. My mum after 3 children. She shares my clothes and takes my unwanted ones. Lingerie inclusive. Oops, too much info. Hahaha! I'm glad no one took up the offer when i was selling this dress. I love it!
And so before my best friend from Secondary school becomes a yellow-faced housewive, i invited her to join me on this shoot.
Haha, so blog shop! The stylist said i should buy this romper though. I told her i have enough, and it's a pain to pee!! The eye shadow was really different and i got a cool stylish new phone! But then i felt bad when i saw my dear younger brother needing a new phone more than me.

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