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Monday, June 29, 2009

Making Babies

Here's what me and his offspring (if we ever have) will look like:
Blue eyes, blonde hair! I can't really tell the resemblance, but if i want to be disllusioned, i think the baby has my eyebrows, my lips and his nose and eyes.

To test the authencity of the system, i tried "having babies" with my brothers.

Seems like if there is incest, the babies don't turn out hideous after all!
Me & elder brother's. Hahaa..this one is really cute and i think it really looks kind of like my brother! Must be that faint image of his glasses.
Younger brother & me.

To further test the authencity (i'm really free), i uploaded different photos of me and him and got the same result of the same baby!

Someone once told me that blonde hair, blue eyes babies are considered the "royalty" of the caucasians. Because it's very rare nowadays to get that combination due to the mix of races. Only if both parents are blonde hair, blue eyes then you will get a baby with that make.

However, he enlightened me that if along his linenage, his grandparents or great grandparents have such genes, it's still possible for the baby to turn out "royal" too! But er..abit scary leh..what if your baby turns out black, will your husband accuse you? Maybe his great great great great grandfather is a black that he doesn't know about? Possible, no?

There's also another function to assess your attractiveness and personality based on your features.
I am 91.8% beautiful!

This woman is lax and tolerant with herself and others. An easygoing type, she puts up with just about anything. The woman is pretty conservative in her views; she likes a traditional, established lifestyle.

This liberal, unconventional energetic woman finds the "same old same old" a pretty boring alternative in life. The woman has an inner sense of harmony and balance. She is drawn towards nature. If she feels out of balance or harmony, she can go someplace to be alone and enjoy the landscape; it makes her feel at peace.

She may lean toward the "eco" movement and "green living". This woman is a tough customer. She needs to feel total satisfaction with her what she buys; otherwise she is out the door. This woman is disciplined and methodical and may be successful in life as a solid businessperson.

An optimistic woman, her strong, independent personality may be reflected in her music and clothing tastes. This woman can be very opinionated and authoritative. She makes an excellent leader or manager.

She is successful and well-admired within her career field, in business or in politics. She radiates self-assurance. This woman has a tendency to hang on to what she owns. She may be somewhat of a hoarder. (The garage may give her away.) She collects everything: old magazines, newspaper clippings, you name it.
My older brother is 78.5%. Still attractive! I guess he scored lower because of his round face. Hahaha!
I was quite happy with the results (because i got 91.8%) but i wanted to be fair, so i did another test. I googled Ru Hua, the epitome of ugly.

SHE GOT 91.7%!!!

Not believing, i tried an ape next...93.8%!!!! The monkey is even more attractive than me! Must be that big wide smile!So i guess, my younger brother's attractiveness (92.8%, which is higher than me) must not be real.

Narcissists, try this at

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the chubby dodo said...

hi sweetie...
baby between u and boy's bloody gorgeously cute... not to mention it's a rare breed of the recessive blond hair and blue eyes... talk about good genetic pool and to die for...;)!!! reckon u plan to slaughter the future female population... either that... or if it's a girl... your boy'd have to beat the guys queuing around the block and at the doorstep with a baseball bat or tarzan like club to keep them away from his precious girl... and u with your gigantic handbag or a shoe maybe??? ;)!!! though the ones with u and your brothers ain't too bad either... seriously though... hun... that's just wrong... not to mention the babies'd likely be genetically defective in one way or another...xþ!!! found it really cute when read your reply... can't believe u made me sound out to be the next fishball and fishcake mascot...;)!!! so yup... dropping my daily dosage of a comment here... previously typed one but it got erased due to some error...xþ!!! always lurking around in the murky dark somewhere out there... miss u hun... -smuacks-

little boy

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