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Sunday, June 21, 2009

UPDATED: Post Tokyo

Baggage limit was 20Kg. My heart was pounding when i checked in. Japan has no tax refund policy for tourists! @#(*&#)$()(@#*(&(@
I think i look really different with the new hair-style. Nowhere near a Kawai-i girl though.
Ignore the pout, i feel like punching myself too. But i love the curls! Very soft waves. I am contemplating going to Japan every once a year for a hairdo.
I'm the only one who bought that many food stuff. Can't help it, i have a family of 5. Many mouths to feed. And when i'm on a holiday, i tend to think of the less fortunate at home. Hahaha! I bought so many presents for family and boyfriend. I miss him so much.
I liked this the most! I expected to see a lot more funny stuff in Japan (presumed Land of Kinks) but i was disappointed. It's Jell-O, in case you're wondering.
I have one more box to sell. Starting price: $15. C cup. Please leave a comment with your name, email and bid. Highest bidder for the sweetest boobs wins.

AQ, my brother's lead singer is burrying his face in it. I told my brother to share it with his band, but too bad AQ got to it first. He finished them BOTH within seconds! He smacked his lips and said they were the sweetest boobs he has ever tasted. I'm a little sad he didn't appreciate the beauty of it a little longer.

Thankfully, it's not one of those novelty thing that looks nice but tastes bad. Told you the Japanese will never make anything that's no good/ taste bad.
Presents for the older brother. He's in general less fussy than the younger one.
The younger one got a pussy, i mean puPPy outfit. So he can go Halloween now that he's legal.
Don't you love this bin?My Coach clutch which will no longer be mine if you bid any higher than $400.
My dad and mum are going to scold me when they open the cabinet to see i've stolen my brothers' shoe boxes to keep mine in. Ok, maybe i will update again if i am selling any.
My Gucci right sized wallet with charm attached. It can also be no longer mine if you bid any higher than $600.

I am not really a person of labels, i bought them because i believe they are the designs not available in Singapore and i never would buy these expensive labels in Singapore and i am on HOLIDAY!! So i indulged. I bought all the funny stuff that i saw. Cannot resist. I like such things, everyone knows that!

M&M ear phones for sale. Starting price: $35.

Money Note Facial Blotter. Starting price: $10.

Bid, bid bid! Spot the fake. It's a game where you take turns pulling the poky sticks out. 2 of them are rigged which will make the rest explode in your face. Heart attack, no? So fun. Can't wait to use this to entertain my boyfriend's friends. I am the girl with the COOL games. Hahaha!
Lace socks. Starting price: $4

Cute cake accessories basket (small size). Starting price: $5
They had soooo many costumes for purchase in Japan, but nothing really caught my eye. Uniforms and Nurses are so typical. The uniform i felt was not realistic, it's not a Singapore school (but i think Singaporean men will like). Nurse outfit i think i can mix and match on my own.

The only one i got was this which is like a Manga French Maid outfit.

A bikini set with head set and hand cuffs. Free size. Starting price: $120

My mum feels i'm too old for these. Starting Price: $10 each (headband is not for sale)
Mini Jenga set! The leopard tail can go with my leopard dress. Can you invite me to more costume parties pleeeease!

Iron-on Apple patch: Starting Price: $4
I bought the very nice box to store my undies. But it's too high to slide it under my shelves in the wardrobe!$)(*%$*#

Pokka Dot Box (about 15 cm deep) Starting Price: $15

Baguette keyboard wrist rest: $5 (no bidding, flat can buy this at Action City in Singapore for $12)

I will keep the Burger beach mat for our dates on the beach. The watermelon and ice-cream pouch Starting Price: $25
Contemplating if i should give this one up.
or this one. How much would you give?
This is meant to be free size. But it's kinda tight for me for the bottom half.

Halter broadway suit. Starting Price: $120
Ace Stockings Starting Price: $30
Besides my curls, look what i did to my legs in Japan! I TATTOOED them!

Cool huh! They're stockings. Not for sale ;p Too cool. My Miss Selfridge denim mini skirt is for sale though. $10 (it's too short for me now). Size 8.I will keep one so the other is for sale.$4.
I love my Tokyo trinklets. Look at the rabbit earring with a pearl as its tail!
I am somehow into the 'card' design now.
Free Size. Starting Price: $69
Embroidered sash.
It's a very different type of dress, don't you think?
Dream Catcher charm necklace. Starting Price: $15 . SOLD
The middle one is for sale. I have too many blues.
Blue flower necklace. Starting Price: $15

These are pretty much all my Tokyo shopping. Too bad i can't sell you my lingerie. They are So Nice! I won't be posting them up either. Don't want you to know what i wear underneath.
Bid away now...or buy your own plane ticket to Japan!

Note: all featured items are brand new (except mini denim skirt)


the chubby dodo said...

hi sweetie...
looks like u went crazy shopping in the land of the rising sun... but looks like u had lotsa fun... -fat hug- would like to try the hot springs myself... heard they're very invigorating for sore muscles and weary bones... anyways... missed u lots... this's my daily homage comment since u said u hadn't heard from me in awhile...xþ!!! -fat hug- how come u didn't go with boy considering he seems to be quite the travel buff??? he doesn't like japan??? forgot to add... love... love... love the curls... gorgeous on u beautiful...;)!!! -smuacks-

the little boy

Jocelyn said...

Hey! =) Big thankyou and a welcome for your comment! (I'm honeyhoneybakedham. ) Will relink you to your new address! ^^

Xtine said...

Chubby remind me of Dodo u've been silent all these while huh. Like a star.always there, but not known. He didn't wanna go course he felt it's just "another city".Missed him lots but better not to have a man in the way of your shopping! Lol.

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