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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Making Headlines: IT'S NOT ME!

This morning i came into the office to be interrogated. The colleague sitting in front of me asked

"Do you have a greenish tube dress?"

I asked, "why? do you want to borrow it? no, i don't have."
He said, "Are you SUUUUUUUre?"

I said, "who in the world wears GREEN?"

Then the colleague sitting diagonally from us piped, "No's not green! Its something like turqoise...."

And i thought perhaps they need to borrow my dress for some performance.

She then asked, " Have you been shopping alot lately?"

I shook my head, because i have been saving for Japan.

Then, they showed me this! I did a double flip."The police are appealing for details on the identity and whereabouts of this woman to assist investigations into a case of credit card fraud. She was last seen in a green dress at Mustafa Centre on March 7 between 2am and 4am."
If you close one eye and squint, it does sorta kinda resemble me. Except she is alot fairer than me. I was teasing my colleagues..."you mean you guys were contemplating to call the hotline??"
At least i resemble a possible criminal (not sure yet) who is kinda hot and not in one of those "Ugly Singaporeans" caught-in-action photos in the papers. At least it wasn't my look-alike caught digging her nose or pushing an old lady out of the way.
Tell me, have you seen her?

P.S My boyfriend and my family are my alibi as i was with them. But that doesn't stop me from having a wild imagination. What if i am a case of Lincoln Burrows? Jailed for something i have not done. What if the chief investigator is an Ang Moh? And to Ang Mohs, they can't tell one Asian from another.

The wanted girl is NOT ME!!

1 comment:

RaGe FuRy said...

defiantly not you.. you're a tech idiot. :p

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