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Monday, March 16, 2009

Saturday Night Twilight Fever.

The Twilight party was abit of a let-down actually. The description sounded like a hellvua house party. But it wasn't. Not quite. Maybe it's just my standards. Considering i do not know how to appreciate free flow of alcohol. I'm more into deco and people ;p
It was a vampire themed party,actually.
He says "This is the French Goodbye. You don't have to tell anyone Goodbye."

The next night was better. Maybe course it's 1)not at a house therefore more "properly done"
2) good music (retro!) 3) FREE good food (hotel's restaurant) 4) FREE good drinks 5) more whacky people dressing to the theme (deco!)
This and the next picture look a lit' funny as i've something stuffed in my mouth. Haven't really eaten the whole day, i was starved! There were alot more beautiful people (boys and girls) but i didn't really went round in making friends (should have). But oh you know, how i hate making introductions and small talk (some guys did approach me, but i kept it short). So i just made the beeline to known friends.


Jocelyn said...

The second outfit is lovely!! =)

xtine said...

hehe.thanks!I bought it in Australia but never had the chance to wear it. i once wanted to wear it to the cinema,when my ex bf saw and he said "so dramatic! i don't want to go out with you like that." :( :(

so i had to change.

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