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Saturday, March 21, 2009

JB supper.

My friends are crazy. They actually drive to Johor EVERY MID-WEEK for supper! After rejecting them for many weeks, i finally went.

Left at 11.30pm, returned at 2.30am. I woke up the next day at 7am for work. I thought i will be dead tired, but surprisingly not. It was a refreshing change. Going to JB just for supper and then shopping for *ahem*.That boneless chicken satay is sedap! And that green drink is Ba Long Long. It's somewhat like sugar cane with plum.
7 people. 6 dishes. Total bill RM22 each.

The other day, my best friend was telling me she was so "desperate" for love that she made the primary school kids that she teaches art to line up and give her a kiss.

1) Forced love is not blessed love
2) There's no such thing as a female pedophile, is there?
3) Good thing the hand foot mouth disease is over, for now.

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