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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Review and Rethink of the Supperclub

Was at Raffles City passing time when a friend alerted us of a opening ceremony for one of the shops. So we hop over to pinch the reception and got travel adapters as door gifts! Frankly, i think if any member of the public walk by, they can simply blend in. Like we did. American brand. Another atas label, another so not worth paying for. Their designs/colours look really cheapo to me. I've seen cheap bags looking even better. The best designed carry-on i saw was not even genuine leather but plastic and faux leather costs $900! No way, no way.
Supperclub holds a "feast" for 100 ladies each Wednesday. I finally managed to get a table for this free treat. I guess sales must really be plummeting for them to try this promotion. In hope for the bees to flock to the flowers. But that strategy is passe. Last night was Ladies Night, and everywhere i went to were more ladies than men. Everywhere. Except Le Noir. That place, is full of expats. And i suppose expats are more willingly to spend on drinking and being out. Singaporeans...are frugal with their spending.
We started off really excited about the dinner. The much heard about dinner at Supperclub. There were mix reviews. Some say its bad, some say its good. I wanted to find out for my own. They boasted of serving fine food and upclass performance. I was so looking forward to male models parading in underwear. Contortionists performing, Sado Machoist singing...
I was disappointed. The club looked just like in the picture. There was one tarrot card reader, which i couldn't get my turn with! The most exciting part is probably lying spread out on this bed.

Then the food came. Do you think that person is a Er or a Ess? I th its a tom-boyish girl. But then i saw another identical who i am sure is a boy. Were there 2 or was there only 1?
The appetizer was sliced beef with bean sprouts, prawns (measly 2 peices only!)with honeydew and salad. Followed by mushroom soup with goat cheese. Then lamb shanks for the main. We didn't even bother staying for dessert because it was simply too long = boring! There was NO performace, each course took 20 minutes to come. We were told to arrive punctually at 8pm. Dinner only started 8.30pm, by 10pm we were only at the main course.....impatient and easily bored Singaporeans just couldn't take it!!
The prawn salad came in a cute Chinese takeaway box. I dig those boxes! Buttcheeks used to give them out with purchases. Now they switch to cloth bags, and so i stopped buying.

But the food did taste fairly good. Small portions, not too oily, rightly spiced. Yes, we were grateful for the free meal, it was a good chance to catch up with friends in nice ambience and club setting. Music wasn't too loud to chat. But still....if you wanted to do this and get good reviews, then do it properly! Don't make us wait so long, don't cut out on the performances that is supposed to come as you have touted.

Although we were non-paying guests, consider you're paying for a promotional strategy. Called Word-of-Mouth. Powerful tool.

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Lora Christelle Lim said...

Stumbled upon this post. Miss those times we had fun hanging out babe :)

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