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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I took their jeans. So for $99.90, i gave my 2 hours for 2 minutes on stage. I think that's only fair.
Waiting, waiting, waiting. Amused at all the girlie banter back-stage.
"Did you bring curling tongs?"
" hair sucks!"
" Ahh! I need a straightener!"
"Oh! I haven't wear bra."
" Ahh! I need to shave my armpits!"

Ok, i added the last line myself. I think my line would be more important than any of the above.

77 turned up on stage. I wasn't in there. I exited back-stage when i saw everyone squeezing in front, flashing their pearlies for their last second of fame. It wasn't a criteria to roll up those tube tops. 77 turned up. 76 did. One didn't.
That was me. My friend said, " hey! EVERYONE showed their tummy. Why didn't you!"
I said, " I don't need to." 2 tables of supporters but the whole time i was looking out for that one person. Maybe he came to give a surprise. He would have been pleased to see i finished the night with dignity.
With all other girls shaking their booty.
He asked if i played the piano. I said yes, and i'm good with my fingers.
"What else are you good with?" I said my mouth, with talking.
"What is your sexiest?"
My personality.

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justanotherteacher said...

ooo. who is the mystery person? :p

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