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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Appetite for pictures.

This is a very 80s shot. Something my mother will do when she's 20. Wind blowing in the hair. How cheesy, yet i'm doing it.
My ass looks as big as that thing la!
I can almost think of something to write on the spacious right hand side of the picture.

When one boy + one girl, bored at a BBQ= 1 CAM WHORE OPPORTUNITY.

I'm not sure, i think i still prefer my fringe to the side. The bangs are SO COMMON now!
I hope that's not wrinkles i'm seeing! Gosh! I'm 24 this year!
Those wedges make me cringe. Cause they look like platforms. Those that short ah lians wear.
I'm never really good in heels. I was so worried i was going to topple into the pool. I think that'll be the highlight of the BBQ. That would have been the plan. If i wanted to steal the limelight of the birthday girl.

Someone's looking really hungry.
The sky was red! Rain coming...
I don't know why...he raised his leg, i grabbed his leg. All i said was "Let's pose Street Fighter!"
By the way, i streamed it online at (not quite worth $7 unless you're a hardcore Street Fighter or Kristen's fan)

Kristen Kreuk is so pretty!! But her Mandarin as well as Cantonese cannot make it. Edmund Chen....bleh....eeew....bleeeeh. I think Allan Wu will be better actually. But ok, give Edmund some credit. He wasn't thaaaaat bad. But i think Hongkongers do better in Hollywood movies. More realistic lah.

Speaking of Edmund, i've interacted with him before. He's a very charming (flirtateous?) kinda guy. Very PR-ish, very gentlemanly. He can charm anyone from age 4 to 80 (which actually is Channel 8's target audience).

See, i have unglam pictures too.

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