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Monday, March 16, 2009

Annoymous phone calls.

His dad came to visit and i stored his number because i am more free than his son, so thought i could show him around Singapore.

On my off day, i called the dad and asked if he wants to go Chinatown.

I couldn't understand him. He sounded Indian.

But i thought maybe it's because his English isn't that good. Maybe the reception was bad. So i asked him to SMS me.

His sms came: I no ferrie.What is your naime.Hannis eouetr oaiourt doiuetr oaieutor (ok, not quite those words. I deleted it already, but you get the gist.)

So i called his son and apologised that i really cannot understand his Dad. Forwarded the message if that is their language. The Son said "no" and he cannot understand his Dad too. But he said his dad usually mumbles on the phone. So i thought that's normal.

I felt bad, because i kept hanging up on this man over the phone because i simply CANNOT UNDERSTAND HIM! Thinking it's his father, i felt terribly terribly bad.

Then this man smsed me...

Sleep no more. Open the door. Basket of fruits, beautiful day.

I thought his dad was trying to tell me he is already up, ready to go Chinatown! When i Smsed him, " Do you want to go Chinatown?" He replied, " Hi, nice to meet you. I want to yo."

So i turned up at his place, talked to his dad and explained i can't understand him on the phone. The dad was also nonchalent and replied me "Oh, is it? Maybe the reception is bad."


I only found this out 3 days later. After endless calls and smses between me and the annoymous guy. I even asked his son why did his dad send me a love poem!

Roses are red, sky is blue. My love is true, only for you.

The mystery broke only when i was about to meet them up and the "dad" called again, when i was right outside his doorstep. I asked "hey, why did you call me?" when he opened the door. He went," Huh! i didn't call you!"

Then we found out that the dad have NEVER called or SMS me for the last few days. He doesn't even know my number! And so the son was shouting expletives down the phone the next time he phoned. Something like "Don't call again. I will call the Police etc."

but then he felt a little bad because after i explained the entire story, he found out it was ME who started the whole thing! Because i stored in his dad number wrongly! Got the last digit wrong.

He deciphered that this is probably a lonely foreign worker. Telling me he is on a ship, he cannot go to Chinatown right now. But he wants to and wants to be friends.

Yesterday, he probably passed my number to his friend (who can speak better English) to try again at me. I told him again politely, not to call me again and hung up. The son suggests that i store them as Ban** 1 and ***ga 2 just in case they call again.


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