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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Win a pair of Crocs!

When i was young, my taste buds taught me that "something healthy is never yummy". Today, my taste buds have accustomed to healthier eating and i can eat salads without dressing.

Unfortunately, its not the same with fashion. If it's ugly, no matter what, my taste will not become accustomed to it and i'll not wear it. However, there are people who swear comfort over style! Thus the relentless evil jokes over Crocs and Crocs fans.

Fortunately, Crocs took the jabs seriously. Like the social outcast in school who became a hottie overnight, Crocs underwent a make-over some 5 (?) seasons ago.

And i, became an advocate.

The first pair that bought me over was the hot pink wedges. Admittedly, style factor wasn't the most unique but i was already pretty surprised with the decent design. It is my default pair for traveling, it is water-proof, i've never found another pair of heels that gives such comfort, walking and standing for more than 12 hours.
Then, my second pair was a hit and miss. I thought the Boat Shoe scored high on style factor, however the leather was so hard that it never did soften. Their work shoe range was also the same. 
I'm not giving up yet though, because i'm convinced that Crocs is indeed comfortable. However, most females pride vanity over comfort. Although increasingly, i keep telling myself to put comfort over vanity.

With Crocs Fall/Holiday season, it seems like they've some designs that score both on style AND comfort!

Leopard prints are out, it's giraffe now!
Shimmery white, this reminds me of our Esplanade.
 Look who i bumped into the store? Oli Pettigrew, celebrity ambassador for Crocs.
Hello, hello? Earth to Oli, earth go Oli.
As part of the brand's New Crocs New You campaign, they have launched a website where you click around an interactive video to get styling tips. 

I ACTUALLY enjoyed going through the site, it was simple to play, the models were pretty, it loaded quickly AND ok, i admit i chose the UGLIEST Crocs options and i was pretty impressed with the fashion styling that went with it. The Crocs that on its own look hideous like  the Cobbler clog
ACTUALLY looks very nice when paired with skinny jeans! See model below in, 4th picture from the left.

Never would i expect this super molded weave boot can also be part of party fashion. See model in first box from right.
Besides, you get to enter a lucky draw for a stay in Capella AND get a shopping coupon if you just visit the site and play. No strings attached!

However, here's a little bit more effort if you want to WIN a pair off my blog.
I asked Oli which is his favourite pair for a man,  he pointed this
A mix of denim and suede, it is a pair that matches with anything (berms, jeans etc) and everything (berms, jeans etc).
 As for the ladies? Oli thinks this.
 Looking classy and comfortable (wedge heel), it gives ladies the height without the pain!
 It is also my favourite pair of the range.
 With the hard front, you can kick attackers in the nuts.
Get your own pair (prices start from $59.90) by leaving a comment with your name, email and gender. Also, tell me why you'll want the New Crocs. One male and one female will be picked and my decision will be final on the most creative entry.

If you win, you may choose another design than Oli's recommendation.  Good luck!

Contest ends 10 October 2012.


Anonymous said...

I want the Crocs because they got me croaking for more!
Jazreel, F, ljazreel(at)

Anonymous said...

The New Crocs are famished so I gonna feed them my tired feet! Yeo Chu Leong, M,

Mizi said...

Crocs a good summer shoes as it is weather proof. I like crocs cause it never bite me like others. No blisters, no pain & no sweat. With new crocs, I can walk in comfort and wear in style.
Ivy Tay, F,

Anonymous said...

Crason Chia, Male

I have always been the social outcast of shoes. Porous, unwanted, ugly and constantly bullied on escalators. I was the loser of losers, constantly outcast by the popular kids with ticks and stripes.

5 years on, I have had enough with the stereotypes! No longer was i comfortable being merely in my own place. I was to get out of the 'comfort zone' (pun intended). Flashing trendy colours and bold stripes, I seek to redefine who i am.

So help a poor soul by fashioning my sole!

Edwin Tan said...

The New Crocs New You shoe,
from Merlion to Marina,
Nex to Newton,
even Batam to Bintan,
Its Cool and Comfortable,
and can be worn anytime and anywhere.

Edwin Tan, M,

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