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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Month in Snapshots

Most weekends are pretty routine and habitual. Getting my 90 minutes of hot yoga, getting my hair treated at Hair Sciences, church and then meeting friends for lunch, dinner or coffee.

But some weekends are pretty special.

A friend introduced me to Little Myanmar here in Singapore! Little did i know that Peninsular Plaza located next to City Hall MRT has a thriving community there.
Store name: Yanant Thit Burmese 
He swears by the economy rice in the basement. Looking like a food court, each stall have their own designated sitting area. It's rowdy and boisterous with majority Burmese male workers eating or drinking (Myanmar beer is sold everywhere cheaply through the building).
It's pretty decent, much like Chinese food but different. Our dishes came up to $17.

We then explored the building to walk off the lunch.
The Burmese's most respected lady.
The Burmese are not as friendly as the Thais found in Golden Mile. They dislike being photographed and will not hesitate to shoo you away. I was curious about various sundry shops rolling something into small leaves. Many Burmese men were buying them in little packets to eat, presumably. 

It seems like there are various spices rolled into it, a white glue-like substance is used to hold it together. I tried asking them what it was but i don't know if they can't speak English or they refused to tell me (maybe they're not supposed to sell?) 

However, it reminds me of India, where they also rolled spices in leaves as an after-dinner mint.
It took me some guts to eat it because when overseas, you're just extra cautious about food poisoning.
But i ate it, and then understood what it feels like to be a cow eating grass.

Minty with some sort of tobacco in it, it does make you a little high.
I don't know if what's at Peninsular Plaza is similar, but perhaps the next time i'll buy one to try. 
Mediacorp's 8 Days actually has an imitation?
Then, there are the very special weekends where I do adventurous day trips. It felt like a mini holiday just crossing the border. Newly opened, everyone is talking about Legoland. It was a simple straight forward drive from Tuas Link with clear signs directing to Legoland.

We got there at about 11.30 am, queues for rides only took an average of 15 minutes with many rides we queued only for 5.

I'm a theme park queen, i strategize around the theme park.
Taking center stage in Legoland, many small worlds are built.
The rides were decent fun for an adult, but i could do with a higher level of heart thumping adrenaline. Buying tickets online is cheaper, however they don't quite sold out at the counter either. The exchange rate within Legoland is the same as in Singapore, so there's no need to worry about currency.
Did not expect to see a g-string cladded Legoman!
 Everything is built with Lego, i worry i will start dreaming of Legoland that night.
All rides are now opened, and we spent a good 5 hours skipping kiddie rides, shopping in the store and doing a repeat of our favourite rides.

Thereafter, we used the GPS to drive ourselves to a seafood hawker like Newton Circus Jalan Sutera, Taman Sentosa, 80150 Johor Bahru) and parked ourselves there for the rest of the night eating crayfish and frog legs HALF PRICED, durian HALF PRICED, and getting a massage HALF PRICED.

We are very Singaporean.

That's what i do on a special rare weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Did you go to Legoland on 6 Oct? Heh who did you go with? I thought I saw you there but wasnt sure! :) xo

Anonymous said...

U could haf come said hello! :)

Anonymous said...

where do you do hot yoga? =)

Xtine said...

@anon i used to do it at bikram

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