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Friday, October 12, 2012

Wanton Me.

I'm fascinated with sex.

But that doesn't make me a nympho.

I remember the fascination started at a very young age. I wanted to pursue sex as my studies but my poor father tried to talk me out of it in the most subtle manner by referring me to an elder in church who tried persuading me to study children instead. I told the Uncle as politely as i could that, "in order to have children, sex needs to come first."

It was an awkward moment and nobody else said a thing.

I ended up studying media because i gave up searching for reputable sex schools. Today, i am able to articulate clearly why i wanted to study sex. Perhaps, i wouldn't have shocked those two old souls like i did then.

Its my fascination with Maslow's hierarchy of needs. I wanted to know why sex is as important as eating, drinking and breathing. Why it's a word that Asians find hard to utter. 
Strangely, i chance upon deviant news naturally i swear! Contary to popular belief, i am not googling "porn" on Friday nights. I remember clicking onto an article about women rearing boars as pets because they have an appendage that hooks onto her wall and drills in like a screw. I remember my search term was "weird food".

Or when i was looking up "hybrid animals" on Youtube, i was distracted by "dolphins raping humans".

If you meet a dolphin like that, you could have drowned. Or have your neck broken, because a dolphin's ejaculation can break a human's neck.

Yes, i'm fascinated with sex.

And before you start judging, please read some of my favourite articles Lessons from a Russian Strip Club, Sex Doll movie review, and Sex Volunteering. Fine, if you're going to judge, you can also call me an SPG.

This fascination have made Japan and Amsterdam my dream destinations. Mainly because i'm curious to find out whatever i read on the Internet is for real. I'm like the frog who lives in the well and long to get out to see the world for itself.

It began with the forwarded emails. Absurd vending machines found in Japan and even school girl's saliva sold in vials! I had to find out for myself.
Vending machine selling bugs
Catch a boob instead of a bear. Just as cuddly.

In the last 3 years, i've visited Japan twice. I did not see any of these absurd vending machines but i did find used panties for sale and i did chance upon a role play cafe which was surreal.
Used is more expensive than new.
However, i'm doubtful if the shit restaurant (where you consume shit from naked girls on a strict diet pre ordered by you) or the restaurant where you penetrate your live meal is real.

Then again, i bought an unusual choice of a coffee table book titled Pink Box from Amazon and it provides pictures and proof of some of the deviant clubs' existence.
Joan Sinclair, a 22-year-old photographer, was working as an English teacher in Tokyo when a friend dragged her to the city's infamous Kabukicho red-light district, a neon-drenched enclave packed with 5,000 sex shops that cater to an impressively specific array of sexual fantasies and fetishes. She was hooked. Eight years later, she returned with a[law degree and a] camera and set out to document Japan's $20 billion sex-services industry, befriending hundreds of budding sex workers and their businessman clients. 
She's my idol, haha.

From this curiousity, i learnt about the Japanese history that public penetration is illegal and thus the creative ways of sexual services. Does this make the Japanese sick? Maybe not, if you understand their social circumstances.
Censored magazines are legal, uncensored are against the law.

I'm stoked that i'm visiting Amsterdam next week. Famous for their red light district, i knew i had to see it before it disappears like Venice.
Every country has a Tourist Info Center, Amsterdam has that AND a Prostitute Info Center. I was pretty tickled by that fact and found that it's founded by an ex-prostitute.
Mariska Majoor, at 16, needed money to buy a dog and thought that sex work was an excellent way of doing that. At that age, her life was centered mainly on the street and bars, she did not view this period negative. She saw what she did as work and was satisfied with the high earnings. However, as she grew older, she was bothered by the non-understanding and decretory looks of passer by in the Red Light District. She is now married with a daughter, is a writer and is active in various government initiatives.
Setting up the PIC was pretty entrepreneurial.

A fan for off-the-beaten experiences, i've signed up for her prostitute workshop. A private one hour session, it promises to teach the laws of attraction behind a window, how to spot a potential customer, how to reject, how to protect and how to communicate charges. The session then ends with the workshop participant standing behind a real window! Except no men will be walking through that door. I'll get to experience what it feels like to be watched (as if we don't get leered at enough in Asia already). Perhaps I can demonstrate a few chops of what I've learnt! Maybe it'll be effortless seeing how I'll be exotic meat, like lap cheong.

Its 8 degrees in Amsterdam now and completely optional to bring something sexy but if i do, preferbly white to wear behind the window because of the UV lights.

What should I wear?
I'm a good student, decked in white head to toe.
I'm pretty stoked yet nervous. I found no reviews about the workshop but reviews about Amsterdam prostitutes like our Sammyboy forums. I'll be the first to review so watch this space.


Shyanne Browning said...

Tom's going to Amsterdam next week too!

Anonymous said...

what an excitingly kinky post ;)

Anonymous said...

watch this space!


Anonymous said...

Are u married? Or used to be? Or else had sexual relations with men? If not, u still virgo intacto?

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