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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Things to do in Singapore: Golden Mile

I've always been an advocate for the non-conventional places to go, eat and do. Getting our picture taken against a couldn't-be-more-fake backdrop and shopping for gifts in Little India couldn't be more amusing. This is probably another of those places not mentioned in any traveller's guide like Geylang.

Even I, myself only recently discovered Golden Mile to add to the cheap date ideas list. Golden Mile have always just been a location for me to board the coaches to Malaysia. Only stepping in to visit the loo before departure, i never did think it was a place i would come hang out or eat. The entire building is permeated with smells like salted fish and the floors were grubby. A huge difference from the shiny malls on Orchard Road.

Little did i know that if you want to experience Bangkok, you can do it in Golden Mile without buying an air ticket.

En-route to dinner, i pass by skimpy cladded Thai girls. I can't decide if they are working girls from the bars around or they're Singapore residents missing home.

Reeling in the sights and sounds, i hear noisy Thai chatter and animated Thai songs thumping through the KTV lounges.

My friend introduced me to New Udon Thai Food. There's nothing Japanese about it, but rather it's steamboat plus bbq in one!
Costing $21 per person, it's a novelty to see a concave steamboat. The ones along Bugis Street usually have a bowl sunken in the middle for the soup while the hot plate surrounds it. Food is cooked with electronic gas.

At Golden Mile, New Udon Thai Food is the only one offering steamboat bbq and with the concave middle where you grill food, while soup surrounds like a moat.

Lard is given to put on top, the food is cooked with charcoal beneath.
Not free flow
The ingenious bit is that as the food is cooked on the concave plate, all the juices will drip into the soup adding that extra oomph. You may cook the seafood and meat on the hot plate, and the vermicelli, egg and vegetables in the soup. 
While this may be an unconventional date idea, do note that not every girl will appreciate being taken to a meal filled with smoke that would make her hair and clothes stink.
 Ask for the Thai ice tea!
 Thereafter, take a stroll and check out what Little Thailand has to offer.
Clothes comparable to Bangkok prices. Starts at $15 for a decent dress.
I was thrilled to see Thai massages although my friend doubt they are "clean".
Missing any mobile wires? They have shops selling random stuff.
 I was amused to see "hampers" packed in a pail with goodies and toiletries inside. It costs $35 and i exclaimed a bit too loudly, "Do the Thais give this to each other as gifts?!?"
 I got corrected by the store owner that this is for praying. This "hamper" is presented as gifts to Buddha and not to men. Ignorant me!

The Thais like in Thailand are very friendly and have no problem with you taking photos.
I find the strangest things on sale.
Turning nipples pink, whitening groin areas.
 I try not to make a deduction from the numerous vanity products for naughty bits i found on sale.
Will you dare try these slimming creams?
 If you'd like to get the BBQ Steamboat thing home, you can purchase one from the supermarket on 2nd floor for $30+

But otherwise for a souvenir, you can get Lighter Babe of the Month.
I know of someone who collects Lay's flavours around the world. Here, you can find Thailand's flavour e.g. Sushi, crab, lobster
 Like in Mustafa, i chuckled to myself as i discover strange perfumes.
 Brue Lee's deodorant surprisingly smelled pretty good (i like it) and it was long lasting (my hair still smelled after a shower). For ONLY $3.90, it is MADE IN FRANCE!! Don't play play...
 I love their copy liners. No limitation, No Imitation 0_0
Comes in Be Water, Anger Blinds and Don't Think, Feel.
 I saw this and it reminds me of the Harajuku Lovers fragrance collection created by pop star Gwen Stefani! It also smelled pretty good except it's only $8.50 and made in China.
Harajuku lovers can be bought in departmental stores, starting from $70+
After strolling around and having a chuckle at what we find, we went back to level 1 for desert!
 As authentic as it can get! It reminds me of the food court in Platinum Mall in Bangkok.
 We settled for red ruby and mango sticky rice (my favourite) for $3+ each.  

Unlike Little India and Chinatown, stipulated by the government and the urban planners that it shall be named as that, i wonder how did Golden Mile come to become "Little Thailand". Like how did Lucky Plaza becomes Manila on Sundays or Peninsula is Mynmmar (next post coming up). Did one villager move to Singapore, set up shop in Golden Mile and started bringing more towner in? I heard that's what the Indians do at banks. Ha ha ha.

Golden Mile, due for an en bloc any time now, where will the Thais move to if it gets demolished?  Better visit now before it disappears.

As the night gets late, i spot more skimpy cladded girls appearing and i saw them taking off their cardigans and leaving them in these lockers unlocked.

Golden Mile, what a colourful sight.

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