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Thursday, October 4, 2012

How should a Woman behave?

I was quite the tom boy when i was a girl. I hated wearing skirts and if i did, i would lift up my skirt to sit so that my bare thighs could feel the cool bench.

I would shake my leg and my grandfather would sneak under the table and cane my legs. While i may have stopped shaking my legs or lifting up my skirt, i admit i do sit cross legged in the cinema and even with my legs propped up when there isn't anyone in front of me.

Yes, i do that on dates as well. I figured, if he can't accept the real me, i wouldn't want to be with him. But that isn't right. A lady needs her manners.

STOMP showed me.
Sitting with legs wide open, hopefully you're not wearing granny panties.

I learned in a beauty pageant that the perfect way a lady should sit is not to cross her legs like this 
Apparently siting like this is bad for the spine.

but like the lady in white. And quite right, this picture grabbed off the internet are beauty queens from Philippines (i think) appearing on prime time tv.

I don't know if modern women are more sporty or simply have been more promiscuous. I noticed many women walking with their legs open! Perhaps we need to undergo etiquette school like in China.

Other than walking and sitting with your legs closed, i believe a woman shouldn't berate a man in public too. But here's one man skill every woman should know!

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