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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hide Yamamoto at Marina Bay Sands

A michelin star restaurant at Marina Bay Sands, Japanese is my favourite cuisine!

For $169 per person, you get a divine 8 course meal.
Yuzu Ume ($12) is my favourite alcohol beverage. A citrusy refreshing tang with plum wine. I downed 2 before the food even came! Go straight for a jar instead of ordering for the glass, it's better value. 1 wouldn't be enough.
The first dish was a trio of cold appetizers. The one on the right is baby octopus that is so smooth if i wasn't careful it would escape my jaws and slide right down my throat. Biting into its head, the juices squirt and i climaxed. The middle one was forgettable, i can't remember what it was.
The one on the extreme left was a cube of sea urchin capsule in a jelly like substance. I've tried something similar by Tung Lok, a herbal chicken jelly which tasted better than this one. This taste rather bland, another passable dish. I remember sea urchin being yellow and mushy, but what's in this cube looks like shredded chicken. I wonder if the Japanese chef explained it correctly.
Next was the sashimi that was so fresh that it squeaks "eat me eat me".
I obliged.
Then it was the chawanmushi with a generous layer of truffle oil and one lonely sea urchin icing the top. Truffle is very expensive by the way, the guests on Titanic had fresh truffles. Truffle oil is like fine dining who want to be atas but know patrons can't afford real truffles. Truffle fries at some cafes is like Astons disguising as Lawry.
Then came the main course which you have a choice of fish or meat. I don't quite remember how this taste like, i think it tastes like grilled fish.
Seafood toufu was nice.
Then there was 5 sushi topped with various sashimi like tuna belly and other premium variety.
Finally dessert which you could choose from the menu. Out of the entire course, the dessert was the least impressive though it scored for presentation and inventiveness in the ingredients used.
This was soya sorbet with tomato jelly. Feels uber healthy despite being dessert, i'd go for it!

For a Michelin star fine restaurant at the Marina Bay Sands, the deco was a tad disappointing. Nothing fancy, it was pretty basic. It had a see through glass with limited seating where you can have Teppanyaki though. Finishing your heavenly meal, you can then stroll outside of MBS and enjoy the free fountain laser show nightly at 9pm. I must say, it's one of the prettiest i've seen.
Food bloggers are the most hardworking because they put in the most effort in their photos yet it's not for their vanity. I am not a food blogger, as you can tell from my half hearted attempt at this. I like my food hot.

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